††††††† of

Susan Vaughan

of Jackson Co, Mo

Taken the 29th of March /65

Gratiot Prison

Orlando Clarke Exr.



Office of the Prov. Mar. Gen. of the Dep.

of the Mo. St. Louis, March 29th, 1865.


Statement of Susan Vaughan of Jackson Co, Missouri.

I am 15 years old, daughter of Mary Vaughan & Josiah Vaughan.

I have seen Bushwackers passing near my motherís house.One occasion my brother Daniel and two others came to our door, and stopped; and I had not seen my brother for about two years until that time; which was in Nov. or Dec. 1864.I conversed with my brother in the door yard, but he did not get down from his horse; neither did the men with him.Sometime in Dec. 1864 four other men, armed, came near my motherís house; and one of them rode inside the fence of the door yard.He called for a drink of water and said he was a Bushwacker.

I have never known our neighbors to willingly harbor & feed Bushwackers.Sometime in August 1864, I was visiting Mrs. Nancy Vaughan, and two men came near the house while I was there.They said they were Bushwackers there were three federal Soldiers there at Nancy Vaughans; the Bushwackers rode around the house & then left.The soldiers did not fire upon them or pursue them.


(Signed) Susan E. Vaughn


Subscribed by the prisoner this the

29th of March 1865 in my presence

Orlando Clarke, Ast. Examiner