Nancy Vaughan

Made at Kansas City, Mo

Feb 11th 1865



She died in Gratiot prison

March 17, 1865.

                            O. Clarke



Office, asst. Prov. Mar

Kansas City, Mo

Feb 11th 1865


Statement of Nancy Vaughn a prisoner made Feb 11th 1865.  I am the widow of Thomas Vaughn.  I live at or near Hickmans Mill, Jackson Co, Mo.  I have been twice married, my first husband was George Gray, I was divorced from him.  I am tolerably well acquainted with the people that live & have lived in the vicinity of Hickmans Mill.  I know Green Shelton, James H Harris, Henry Tull, Mr Owens and Mr Smith, and the Knoche’s ( the last are Germans).  All of the above named men are loyal, these are all the Union men I know that live in my old neighborhood.  I know Isaac Flanery, Josiah Flanery, Lafayette Irwin, Clayton, Dan Vaughn, Dan Shanks they are all Bushwackers.  There may be others but I am not acquainted with them.  The widow Flanery is a bad rebel and it is said has relations in the Brush.  I know Lizzie Rule, she is a bad rebel.  I claim to be a Union woman, I declare I have never done or said anything against the General Govt.  All my troubles have arisen because I have friends and relations in the Brush, also from having many acquaintenances who are friends to the Bushwackers, but who pretend to be friends to the Govt.

(signed) Nancy J. Vaughn

Statement made before me

This 11th day of February 1865

J H Smith

Lt. & A. P. Marshall