Daniel A. Stevens Fed. Sol.


Lydia & Virginia, Taylor

and Nancy Vaughan,

and Mary Vaughan,

and Others.


                                                                                                Office Asst Pro Mar

                                                                                                  Kansas City, Mo

                                                                                                  Feb 14, 1865


Daniel A. Stephens of lawful age being duly sworn says, I reside in Kansas City, Mo.  I formerly belonged to Co “A” 2nd Colorado Cav.  I am well acquainted with Mrs Harper and her sister Mrs Kelly, they live in the vicinity of Hickmans Mill Jackson Co Mo.  I know them both to be friendly to the  Bushwackers, and from what I have seen while on duty in their neighborhood, I know that both of those women, both harbor and feed Bushwackers willingly and render to them, all the assistance and comfort in their power.  Old Mrs Mary Vaughn, Dan Vaughn’s mother, is in my belief a much better women than either of them.  She is really a better woman than old Mrs Lydia Taylor is.  I have no confidence in the loyalty of old Mrs Taylor or in that of Mrs Harper or Mrs. Kelly.  I have some little confidence in Mrs Vaughn’s loyalty, if she was removed from her old locality.

Miss Virginia Taylor is a notorious Rebel, and one of the worst young women I ever knew.  The Bushwackers have no better friend than she is as far as she is able to aid and befriend them.

And as for Mrs. Nancy Vaughn I have every reason to believe and do believe that she will aid and assist the Bushwackers and has done so repeatedly whenever it was possible to do so without detection.  She is a firm, fast friend to them & they all well know it, they have often been found at & seen from her house by the Federal Troops.

With regard to Mrs. Basham, Mrs. Kerr, Mrs. Bucker and John A. Moore’s gang of Negroes living in that neighborhood, I believe the quiet & peace of that neighborhood would greatly improve if those persons were compelled to leave it, for they will feed and harbor Bushwackers as long as they have it in their power to do so.  Miss Rebecca Howell & her sister should also be included in the lot made to leave.

                                                (signed) Daniel A. Stephens


Sworn and Subscribed

before me this 14th

day of Feb 1865

                                                J H Smith

                                                Lt & asst Pro

                                                Mar 4th Sub

                                                Dist KC M



A true copy

                J H Smith

                Lt and APM

                4th Sub Dist KC M