Petition for Sale of Real Estate
Filed Nov. 15, 1876
Levi Scrivner, administrator.
In the matter of the Estate of Elizabeth D. Brown, deceased.
In the Probate Court for the county of Leavenworth, State of Kansas.

    The Petition of Levi Scrivner as administrator of the estate of Elizabeth D. Brown deceased, respectfully represents to the Court that the deceased Elizabeth D. Brown was at her death indebted to sundry persons in the sum of One Hundred and sixty-eight dollars as nearly as can be ascertained as follows: to A. J Smith a note secured by mortgage on the land hereinafter described for one hundred dollars with interest at 12 per cent from February 12th 1875; One note for Thirty dollars with interest from January 1st 1873 to Frank Goddard.  An account due Doctor Miller for medical services in the last illness of the deceased.
    And your petitioner represents that the charges of administration will amount to about the sum of One Hundred and fifty Dollars.
    And your petitioner represents that the value of the personal estate and effects of the deceased is thirty six dollars in cash which is the proceeds of the sale of all the personal property; and that the personal estate is wholly inadequate to the payment of the debts.
    And your petitioner further represents that the said Elizabeth D. Brown died seized and possessed of the following real estate lying and being in the County of Leavenworth Kansas, viz: The East fifty acres of the North half of the North West quarter of section twenty seven in township seven of Range twenty-one and also the NW quarter of the North East quarter of section twenty-seven in township seven of Range twenty-one, the first named tract of land is mortgaged to A. J. Smith to secure the sum due on the note before set forth.
    And your petitioner represents that the heirs at law of the deceased are: Virginia Self, Margaret Calhoun, Martha Scrivner, Thomas Brown, Louisa Mellinger, Amanda Patton, Thomas Pierce, Orlena Brown, and Henry Brown, Fanny Brown, Merilda Brown and Margaret Brown.
    And your petitioner represents that the said land is so situated that by a sale of a part thereof that the residue would be injured and rendered less valuable and that it is for the best interest of all the parties concerned that the whole should be sold.          Wherefore your petitioner prays that the Probate Court for an order for notice of the time, manner and place of hearing this application for an order and authority to this administrator to sell the above described real estate for the purpose of paying the debts due by the deceased and for such other and further order as to the Court shall seem just and proper in the premises.
        H. T. Green
          Attorney for Admin
            Levi Scrivner

State of Kansas
Leavenworth County
Levi Scrivner being first duly sworn says that he is the administrator of the estate of Elizabeth D. Brown deceased, and that the facts set forth in the forgoing petition are true.

                Levi Scrivner
    Subscribed in my presence and sworn to before me, this 15th day of November 1876.
                    Sam D. Lecompte
                    Probate Judge